Residential and Commercial

Waipa Plumbing and Gas specialise in residential and commercial drainage works, from blocked drains for home owners to large-scale new installations on residential and commercial projects. A 24/7 emergency response service across the Waipa, Waikato and King Country, mean plumbing and drainage problems can be quickly solved. Waipa Plumbing and Gas has its own fleet of modern machinery and equipment, so the job can be done quickly and cost effectively.


Commercial Drainage is a strong part of what Waipa Plumbing and Gas can offer, with a vast number of projects under our belt and a reputation for delivering projects on time and to budget. If you are considering a project as a commercial client, developer or a commercial construction company, get in touch with us to arrange a proposal. Works include sewer and stormwater pipework and drainage, stormwater sumps, grit and silt interceptor traps, trade waste systems, treatment plants, and pumped systems.

Waste Water Treatment

Waipa Plumbing and Gas can install Commercial and Residential Wastewater Treatment systems,  we can organize these to be designed for our customers.  If you have a project that requires on-site Wastewater Treatment, please get in touch with us today to find out more about the systems and solutions we can offer. 


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